Rehoming dogs

Rehoming dogs, training dogs to obey and follow orders is one of the most difficult things that most dog breeders meet, although it is easy to train dogs, it only requires skill and the correct methods of training your dog.

Train dogs to obey at home

You can teach your dog to sit steadily and without a chain on his seat so that his body and head are in a vertical position on the ground and face forward with his eyes looking steadily forward.

Training method:

Training begins by attaching the chain to him with the suffocation, then you walk the dog at first in random directions until he becomes calm and can respond to your commands easily.

Surprise him to stand up and pronounce the training pronunciation for this such as "stand or sit" and pronounce the dog's name with this pronunciation.

Trainer presses with the left hand on the back of the dog's back until it sits on the ground, then with the palm of the right hand, press back on the dog's chest until it is fixed in this position.

When you get to the position you want to teach him in, you should reward him and make it clear that you are happy with him.
You have to repeat this command until he gets used to it and does it without training.

2- Training not to bite

By following a certain behavior when the dog bites you, for example when the dog does this shout at him loudly and then stand away from him and show him your anger.

And do not forget to make all members of your family do this when the dog bites them, at which time the dog will realize that this is a bad act and causes the anger of the family members.

Or another way, which is to say the word "no" in a loud voice when someone bites and then closes the mouth of the dog quietly. The trainers have advised this way to train the dog not to bite.

Are you afraid to walk alone at night? Do you worry a lot for your children when playing outside or doing some

errands and want something to relax your mind? Do you need a professional protection dog? Do you know what

type of dog would attack anyone who threatens you or your family?

If your answer is yes, then follow our article, which will provide you with the solution, which is dog breeding, so through the following lines, you will learn with us how to train dogs to attack the matter.

Feeling threatened or provoked, dogs can be fierce and aggressive opponents, which you can use to your advantage.

Where you can take advantage of the capabilities of a well-disciplined guard dog to defend you and protect your

family and loved ones, thus training a protection or attack dog requires a lot of patience, caution, and a high level of experience.

In this article, we'll talk about everything you need to know about training an attack dog. And how to train him to attack by command with a simple and easy step-by-step training program and foolproof.

How to train dogs to attack by the command in 16 simple and easy steps:

The first stage of these steps is preparation, you have to fully prepare yourself and your dog mentally and physically before you begin actual rigorous training in the future.

1: Educate yourself

Before you consider training your puppy as an attacking monster, you should be aware of the differences that exist between a guard dog and an attack dog.

The guard dog is trained to alert its owner to the presence of a stranger or intruder by barking. This type of dog is

not usually trained to attack or be overly aggressive towards a stranger. For this reason, guard dogs are not very good attack dogs.

However, if attack dogs are not well trained, they will attack without warning, as they can pose danger to humans and other animals.

2: You have to choose the right breed plus a lot of training.

Most dogs can be trained to guard and attack dogs.
Despite that, some breeds contain them because of their good guard and attack dogs.
They have the instinct to be better at this than most other breeds.

It is not a matter of size, for example, smaller breeds such as Shar-Pei and Pugs are known to be good guard dogs, as are larger breeds such as Dobermans, German Shepherds, Staples, and Akita.

In addition to the possibility of training some breeds, such as Dobermans, German Shepherd, and pins to be a guard dogs and also attack dogs.

Below is a list of ten dogs that are considered excellent but only when properly trained, they become a good guard dogs and attackers.

3: Get to know your dog

This is in contrast to the popular belief that a good guard dog should not react out of fear or aggression. Generally speaking, a good guard dog protects its owner and property, while at the same time obeying the orders of its owner.

And one of the best characteristics that a good guard dog should have is confidence, so he must be confident in himself and his surroundings, as confidence makes a curious guard dog.

For example, he is curious about a new person or a new area, and he is not shy about new people, as it is possible for you to have a dog of his nature this trait, but the appropriate socialization can instill confidence in the dog.

A good guard dog is assertive. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's overly aggressive or impulsive. Rather, it means that he is not afraid to put himself in a position to get what he wants.


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