Dog trusts

 Dog trusts, The socialization of dogs is somewhat different from the socialization of people. When two dogs get together, they welcome each other and live each other differently from others.

If you have just met your dog, you will have to use the dog's language, not human, to gain her trust.

If you are trying to gain the trust of your new puppy or dog, you will also need to resort to certain techniques that allow pets to see you, your friend, and your owner, not a threat.

You yawn with you

Oftentimes, when looking at other people yawning, we also begin to yawn. Scientists have proven that this is due to the ability to empathize with others on an emotional level.

The same thing happens with a dog: when looking at a person dear to her who yawns, the animal also begins to yawn.

Therefore, if you notice a similar feature to your pet, be sure that it indicates your emotional proximity to her.

Seen in the eyes

Japanese scientists have found that when dogs and their owners look into each other's eyes for 30 minutes, both of

them in the body increase the level of the hormone oxytocin, also called the confidence hormone.

After all, it is oxytocin that reduces the level of anxiety and causes a feeling of calm and contentment. So, when your friend is tail, he is expressing his love.

He sleeps with you

If your pet, despite all the prohibitions, is trying in every possible way to get to your bed, then this is a sure sign that he trusts you. The thing is, dogs sleep where they feel comfortable and safe.

So, if your dog is sitting at night under your bedroom door, you should not yell at him, because he just wants to relax with his "packet", which gives him a sense of calm.

Knows your daily routine

For your pets to feel safe, they need a clear schedule. They remember that you, for example, get up at 7 AM and come home at 8 PM.

Over time, the animals get used to your schedule and start waiting for some events. Therefore, if you adhere to the a daily ritual, the dog knows you will not be deceived and can be trusted.

Steal your stuff

Dogs often "help" take off the pantyhose from the hostess, the socks from the owner, and can steal your favorite

underwear and even slippers. Then you smear them on the theme of your wardrobe and they sleep sweetly with him in an embrace. Your pet does this to bother you.

It's easier for him to tolerate breaking up with you because when you smell his scent, it seems to you that you are there.

However, if your dog is constantly chewing on shoes, this, on the contrary, is a sign of distrust  this way he tries to -deal with his enemy.

"Puppy tenderness" appears after eating

American professor Gregory Burns is obligated to scan a dog's brain to see what he's thinking. He depicted the consequences of his exploration in the book "How Dogs Love Us .

" Gregory found that if the dog after eating begins to rub against the owner and in every possible way shows

"puppy tenderness", then in this way she shows him her love and gratitude.

Get your dog ritual. For example, if your pet likes to scratch its ears, spend 10 minutes each day on the process. Thus,

you will be associated with a pet with pleasant sensations.

Do not go to the dog if it is gathering under the table or climbing under the bed. This will only show that you are trying to take over its territory.

Don't hit the dog. If you did something, and then changed the intonation to be strict and punishing, you could also

poke your nose at the "accident", but don't raise your hand on the animal - so you just set it on yourself.

Each of us, having a four-legged pet, dreams that he will acquire a loyal and faithful friend in his face, who sincerely trusts the owner.

A small puppy, the person of which is an unconditional leader, is ready to give him all the love and tenderness that a faithful heart can have.

However, sometimes situations arise when the dog ceases to trust the owner, without stopping, while loving him.

Most of the people are responsible for this in most cases.

How to regain a pet's lost confidence and become worthy of his fidelity?

Don't be lazy to train animals. A puppy who has a shared affection with the owner learns to better understand and

obey a person. No matter which way you try, your relationship will never be an equal alliance.

One of you will be the leader, and the second will be the follower.

To earn your dog's trust, you need to become a competent and strong leader for him, make decisions, and take responsibility for what happens.

Training helps teach puppies to present, discipline, and develop their intelligence. It is very important for your dog to feel your authority.

Spend a lot of time with the dog. Walking, playing, and feeding - all these events in a dog's life have to be associated with you.

Even if you pass by a seated pet, eat it with two sweet words and scratch them behind your ear or gently pat them on the head.

Then she will learn to trust you, knowing that she is loved and her community is welcome and fun.

Never fool a dog. Remember how many times a situation arises when we try to get the attention of an animal, He depicted the consequences of his exploration in the book "How Dogs Love Us .

The dog runs and believes you, but does not receive a promise. Believe me, the next time it doesn't suit, I trust

your words are worthless. Do you want to look like a liar in her eyes?

To avoid this situation, always handle the dog at least if you have promised, giving the appropriate command.

Do not use violence against the dog. Of course, the time of persuasion and the gradual push towards required

actions will take more, but every minute of that persuasion will strengthen the trust between you and the pet.


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